Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mix 2 becomes HFS

Well, as they say...all good things must come to an end.  Nonetheless, it's a sad day for dance music fans in Baltimore.  CBS has cancelled dance music channel 106.5-2 FM (Mix 2), and replaced it with a revival of the HFS alternative rock brand.  The move was officially announced on August 1st, and the new HFS channel is now being broadcasted on both 106.5-2 FM (HD) and on a low power outlet on 97.5 FM.  It is a sad day for the crew here at Beat 2 Beat DJs.  While we certainly don't mind alternative rock, we are all huge fans of dance music in general, and both DJ Vega and DJ Jon Boesche' were honored to be part of the Mix 2 WWMX family.  We'd like to thank everyone who has been following this blog and has downloaded the recorded sets from the Dance Factory mixshows.  We'll still continue to post mix sets, but unfortunately we will no longer be heard on the HD airwaves for now.  However, you can still catch DJ Jon Boesche' on Mix 106.5 FM, weekdays 8-10 PM, and in the mix for "Club 1065" on Saturday nights!

For more details on the Baltimore radio shake-up, check out the article from the Baltimore Sun HERE.

RIP Mix 2 :(

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